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This template is used in conjunction with the Infobox VG Template to summarize release date information for computer or video game articles. It was taken from Wikipedia and modified to meet the needs of the Dragon Quest wiki.


Using named parameters[edit]

The following parameters may be specified to display release dates for multiple regions in a single call (however, they will not be sorted in any particular order):

Japanese region release date.
North American release date.
PAL region release date. (or, if they differ: EU=date: European release date, AUS=date: Wikipedia:Australasian (Australia and New Zealand) release date.)
Wikipedia:International version release date. See link to make sure you know what an international version is.

If it is desirable to list release dates in a specific order (e.g. chronological), specify each region with a separate call.


'''Super Nintendo Entertainment System'''<br>
{{vgrelease|JP=March 11, 1995|NA=August 22, 1995}}
{{vgrelease|JP=February 11, 1999|NA=June 29, 2001}}
'''Nintendo DS'''<br>
{{vgrelease|NA=November 25, 2008|JP=November 27, 2008|PAL=Early 2009}}

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
JP March 11, 1995
NA August 22, 1995
JP February 11, 1999
NA June 29, 2001
Nintendo DS
JP November 27, 2008
NA November 25, 2008
PAL Early 2009

{{vgrelease|JP=December 17, 1988}}
'''PlayStation Portable''':<br>
{{vgrelease|JP=January 5, 2007|NA=July 2, 2007|EU=February 8, 2008}}

JP December 17, 1988
PlayStation Portable:
JP April 2, 2006
NA July 2, 2007
EU February 8, 2008