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  • Intro
  • Lifecod
  • Mountain Pass
  • Shiena
  • Torukka (real)
  • Lifecod festival
  • Reidock
  • Tower of Trials
  • horse and wagon
  • church, Hassan builds house, tunnel under river
  • Dhama ruins (real)
  • San Marino
  • Granmaz
  • Dream Seeing Cave
  • Reidock (real)
  • Amoru (real)
  • Amoru (phantom)
  • Cave of Amoru (phantom)
  • Torukka sidequest (real)
  • Mirror Tower (real)
  • Cave to Mudo (phantom)
  • Reidock (real)
  • Gent
  • Mudo's Castle (real)
  • Dhama Shrine
  • Monstoru (real)
  • Mountain north of Monstoru
  • Arcbolt (real)
  • Tunnel
  • Stairs up
  • Cave east of Calcado (phantom)
  • Calcado (phantom)
  • Island to Jamiras Castle (phantom)
  • Medal King Castle (phantom)
  • Well
  • Holcotta (real)
  • Holstock Castle (real)
  • Baptismal Cave (real)
  • real to phantom?
  • Clear Vale (phantom)
  • Clear Vale (real)
  • Wall of Destiny
  • Flying Bed (phantom)
  • Zaxon?
  • Foan (real)
  • Miralgo's Tower (phantom)
  • Pescani (real)
  • Mermaid Harp
  • Lots of stuff
  • Poseidon's Castle (under)
  • Glacos Palace (under)

Prologue at campfire with Botsu, Hassan, and Muriel. They go to Mudo's castle in the real world and are sent to the dream world.

Botsu wakes up in Lifecod with his sister. Botsu is sent by the Elder from Lifecod to go and buy the Spirit Crown for the festival. Botsu leaves and goes south down the mountain to Shiena.

In Shiena, Botsu sells the supplies, but the crown maker has gone missing. Botsu finds the crown maker hanging on for dear life at a giant hole northwest of Shiena. Botsu saves the crown maker but falls down the hole into the real world.

Botsu finds himself invisible in the real world. He enters the town of Torukka and no one can see him. He heads north to a small cabin with a well inside. Looking in the well, he is transported back to the dream world near the giant hole he fell in. Back in Shiena, Botsu visits Blite the crown maker and receives a spirit crown for free. Botsu takes it and heads back to Lifecod for the festival.

In Lifecod they have the festival. Rand proposes to Tania, but she refuses. Botsu has a vision that tells him he must go on a journey. The elder tells him to go to Reidock Castle. The elder gives Botsu a pass to get into the castle.

Botsu heads southwest to Reidock Castle and enters using the pass. Botsu enlists to become a royal soldier and goes to the Tower of Trials. Botsu succeeds and becomes a soldier. A man in the castle has a wagon which requires a horse to be pulled. Botsu sets off to tame the wild horse northwest of the castle. Hassan catches up with Botsu and joins him. Together they tame the horse and claim the wagon at the castle.

The king of Reidock wants Botsu to find the Mirror of Ra. He opens up the northeast gate for the heroes to travel through. The heroes stop at a church just beyond the gate to rest up. Nearby, Hassan builds a cabin for a man who tells them of a secret passage in the desert to cross the river. The heroes find the secret tunnel and follow it to the other side. They then fall down the hole where the shrine of Dhama should be.

The heroes investigate the ruins of Dhama in the real world. They find the Magic Map, but not much else. They travel south west to the town of San Marino. The heroes are still invisible and cannot be seen by people in the real world. They witness a dog being poisoned by a jealous girl. They also meet Hassan's parents although he does not recognize them. They meet Muriel at the docks, who can actually see them.

Muriel takes them to Granmaz, where they are told how to become visible. The 3 travel south to the Dream Seeing Cave to get some Dream Seeing Drops. After getting the liquid, Granmaz makes Botsu and Hassan visible. Muriel decides to travel with the heroes and the 3 buy tickets in San Marino to sail to Reidock.