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'ello I'm Results May Vary of NIWA, Mario Wiki, Jiggywikki, Rare Wiki, among several other wikis. I may speak in ninja raps, as I am VERY talkative (some dislike me because of it). I don't mind having haters, because all I want to be is epic. As with many other independent wikis I don't edit much on, I joined this one just to be cool. :) I am also a Republican.

Check out tacopill's Final Fantasy Wiki.

Also Rareware games are best. Not much of a JRPG fan despite representing taco's FF Wiki as an ambassador. Nintendo aside, there's hardly any Japanese stuff that I'm into, so I work very hard to make things as uncomplicated and friendly for westerners as possible, to accommodate for people such as myself. Maybe I could try doing that for Dragon Quest, we'll see. :)