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Long time fan of the series, since getting Dragon Warrior Monsters on GBC when it first came stateside. Was already Pokémon fan, so it was a nice graduation to the broader RPG genre (before my full-embrace of the gamestyle through the GBA's Golden Sun). My folks refused to get us Dragon Warrior I+II and Dragon Warrior III on GBC, however, because they thought the girl on the cover of DWIII's chainmail bikini was too skimpy (and they didn't want to propagate that as being an okay artstyle choice – yeah, Leia wore it, but she didn't chose to, she was forced into it by a giant space slug).

I didn't get back into Dragon Quest until much later, when I was in college, and tried out the SNES remakes of DQI+II, III, and the original SNES titles DQV and DQVI. These games harkened to deep nostalgic feelings for me, due to the music and characters and scenarios that DWM had included. When IV, V, and VI came out on DS, I promptly bought them. I also played IX.

Recently, with the Dragon Quest I's 30th anniversary, I've taken on playing the iOS versions of some of these games as well. Just finished DQ1 and have moved onto DQII. This has inspired me to become an editor on DQWiki because I'm noticing things that the wiki needs expansion/correction/updates on.

I'm also a sporadic editor on Bulbapedia, Zelda Wiki, and Golden Sun Universe (where I've done the most work of any of the NIWA wikis).