White trigertaur

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A White trigertaur is a type of monster in Dragon Quest IX.



Main series[edit]

#130 - White Trigertaur
File:DQ9 WhiteTrigertaur.png
HP MP Experience Gold
128 12 940 167
Attack Defense Speed
130 135 116
Dropped Item Horse manure (1/16)
seed of deftness (1/256)
Locations Snowberia
Cringle Coast
Skills Whistle
Thin Air
Family Beast
Bestiary # 130
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Monstrous masters of ice who are super-skilled with their icicle-like spears, and also adept at using Thin Air.

Ex-tigers who attain eternal life by pledging themselves to the brrearthenwarriors, they sow snowstorms wherever they step.

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