Bubble and shriek

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Bubble and shriek
Japanese マジックポトフ
Romaji Majikku potofu
Old localizations None
Found in Dragon Quest Treasures
Effect Boosts stats

Bubble and shriek is a pot of goulash glamour that can pump up the eater's sorcery.


Dragon Quest Treasures[edit]

Bubble and shriek Dragon Quest Treasures Logo.png
Portrait Description
Bubble and shriek DQTR icon.png Increases magic and max MP. A favourite of monsters like the dracky
Ingredients Hot stuff x2, Lethal leaf x2, Salt of the earth x2, Succulent steak x2
Beloved by Dracky DQTR portrait.jpgDrackolyte DQTR portrait.jpgDrackymaDread drackyShiny dracky
Recipe location Team Treasure Island shop

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