Dragon Quest Legend Armor

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The Dragon Quest Legend Armor (Densetsu no Yoroi) merchandise series was started by Enix in 1993, and continued until nine items were released. In February 2012, Square Enix revived the product line.

Original Series[edit]

Poseable Figures[edit]

The first three items in the series featured poseable figures with removable armor:

Arms Expansions[edit]

The fourth through sixth items in the series provided alternate equipment for the figures:

  • Dragon Arms - Dragon themed arms and armor
  • Legend Arms - arms and armor from Dragon Quest I.II
  • Sacred Arms - special magic or holy arms and armor from the first trilogy.

Metallic Repaints[edit]

The seventh, eighth, and ninth additions to the product line were metallic repaints of the first three figures.

Legend Armor Returns Series[edit]

Roto Returns Figure[edit]

As part of the 25th Anniversary of Dragon Quest, Square Enix released an updated version of the first figure from the series, a poseable figure that comes with a full set of Roto's armor.

Sky Armor Returns Figure[edit]

Square Enix will release an updated version of the Sky Armor figure in December 2012.

Future Releases[edit]

It is unknown if Square Enix will release additional figures for this merchandise line.