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The following is the Dragon Quest Wiki manual of style. It is considered the "Style policy" for this wiki and all articles and content should adhere to it. Questions and comments can be made on the this article's discussion page as necessary. New style rules or modifications to existing rules should be suggested on the Dragon Quest Wiki policies article.

Adherence to Wikipedia Manual of Style[edit]

In general, the Dragon Quest Wiki adheres to Wikipedia's Manual of Style. Specific exceptions to these styles are given below on a case by case basis. However, it is generally advisable to follow the Wikipedia guidelines in areas which are not specifically addressed.

General rules[edit]

  • The article name, when first mentioned, should be bold.
  • Game names and song titles should be italicized.
  • In general, abbreviations or other shorthand should be avoided: when referring to Dragon Quest V, spell out the full title of the game, don't abbreviate it as DQV or DQ5. The same goes for role-playing game. Even though most editors will likely understand what you mean, the casual user may not be familiar enough with gaming terminology to make sense of what many of us take for granted. Also avoid abbreviating terms like "GBA" or "PS2"
  • Games in the Dragon Quest series are numbered using Roman numerals, not Arabic numerals. In other words, you should refer to Dragon Quest IX, not Dragon Quest 9. This does not apply to certain games such as Dragon Quest Monsters 2 and Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2.
  • Enemy names are in most cases the species of the enemy. This means that they should not be capitalized when used in an article. For example, a bling badger is a species of enemy and should not be capitalized. Per Wikipedia, the first letter of every article name should be capitalized, so the article title for bling badger would be Bling badger.
  • Some enemy names are not species, but actual names of a single unique monster. For example, Zoma, Hargon, and King Korol should always be capitalized since they are proper nouns.
  • Headings (parts of a page which use == ==) should not contain links.

Enemy article rules[edit]

  • Enemy articles should make use of the following template: Template:Monster Infobox, Template:Enemy.
  • Enemy articles should have the following headings: Characteristics, Appearances, Related monsters.
  • When an enemy appears in more than one game within a series (main, monsters, spinoff), then the VersionTabs template should be used.

Localization rules[edit]

See Dragon Quest Wiki:Policies#Localization Policy