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This article describes how policies are managed on the Dragon Quest Wiki.

Policy creation

  1. Policy/revision is proposed on this page
  2. Review and discussion period (minimum of 2 weeks, can be longer depending on the policy)
  3. Vote and/or final feedback from users
  4. Acceptance or rejection of policy/revision

Existing policies

Style policy

See main article: Dragon Quest Wiki:Manual of Style

Localization policy

  • Article titles should use the most recent North American localization name wherever possible. This applies to characters, items, spells, equipment, locations, and enemies.
  • Redirects to the official article title should exist for any and all other localizations including original Japanese names.
  • It is likely that there may be some exceptions for specific cases. If an article is believed to be an exceptional case, it should be discussed on the article's talk page prior to creating or changing the official title.
  • This policy was discussed at length on the official forums. See the localization thread for full discussion and reasoning behind this policy.

Deletion policy

  • Articles to be considered for deletion should have {{delete}} placed at the top of the page, as well as a new heading on the talk/discussion page telling why the article should be deleted.
  • After a minimum period of 2 weeks, the article can be deleted if there is a consensus that it should be removed. This period may be longer depending on the article in question.
  • In trivial cases (vandalism, misspelled article names, unnecessary redirects), the admins have the right to immediately delete an article without undergoing the typical 2 week waiting period. If a normal user finds an article they believe to be trivial, they can mark it with {{speedy delete|reason for deletion}}. The admins can then delete it at their disposal.
    • Redirects for File and Category namespace count as unnecessary redirects, after revising the articles in its "What links here" to the File/Category's correct name, the redirect should be deleted.
  • Talk pages of deleted pages should be deleted if not already done.

Spoiler policy

  • Template:Spoiler should be used around sections which discuss specific plot and ending elements of a game. This will typically be in game, character, and location articles. Typically, items, equipment, enemy, and list articles are not considered spoilers. Users are to use their best judgement when making a determination.
  • When new games are released, there may be a period of time when spoiler warnings are heightened until a certain time after the release date. This period will be determined by the staff and users and will be announced to all users/visitors.

Proposed policies

The following is a list of proposed policies on Dragon Quest Wiki. Please discuss them on the discussion page. If you want to suggest a policy, add it below and include your name and a brief or detailed description of the policy you are proposing.

Citation policy

Endnotes should be used to reference a source, with APA formating used in the Notes section at the bottom of the article.

Proposed by Zenithian 09:43, 22 December 2007 (EST)

Article rank policy

Articles appearing on the Dragon Quest Dictionary~Encyclopedia shall be ranked (or rated) according to the following scale: E - A stub article, created with minimal effort, mainly to fill a void by creating a page with some detail. Will require many more edits to add substantial content. Novice level of understanding. D - An article with passable level of content. Will still require many edits to add more depth, but the article has been written with a beginner's level of knowledge. C - An article of average quality. Will still require some editing for improvement, but most of the holes have been filled. Written with an intermediate level of knowledge. B - A good article. Requires only a few edits. Contains tables, charts, and pictures as appropriate. Written with an advanced level of knowledge. A - A superior article. Requires little to no editing. Written with an expert level of knowledge.

Proposed by Zenithian 14:52, 21 March 2008 (EDT)