Fading Jenny

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Fading Jenny
DQIII Fading Jenny.png
Japanese きえさりそう
Old localizations Invisibility herb, Hide herb
Found in Dragon Quest III
Buy for 300G
Sell for 225G
Effect Renders the user temporarily invisible.

Fading Jenny (Known as Invisibility herb in the English NES version and Hide herb in the Game Boy Color version) is an item in Dragon Quest III: The Seeds of Salvation.


The invisibility herb is an item that turns the user invisible temporarily. It can be purchased for 300 Gold Coins, and sold for 225. The Hero and his/her allies made use of them to sneak into Edina Castle, due to one of the guards finding them too lowly to enter.

In its official art, a fading jenny resembles a parsnip with a large hole in the middle of the root, going clear through it.


The herbs can be purchased in:

They are also sometimes dropped by:

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