List of je ne sais quoi skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Je Ne Sais Quoi skills are learned via the Luminary class.


Damages the opponent by throwing a signed autograph. Damage is calculated by multiplying the character's level by 2, adding 30 points of base damage, and then adding or subtracting 10%. This ability reaches its cap when the character's level is 60. Costs 10 gold pieces to use and 9 skill points to learn.

Scandal Eyes[edit]

Attempts to dazzle a group of enemies for 5~8 turns. Costs 3 MP to use and 22 skill points to learn.

Extreme Makeover[edit]

Increases the users charm by 50% (two levels) for 7~10. Costs 2 MP to use and 42 skill points to learn.

Eyes on Me[edit]

Attempts to enrage all enemies. Costs 6 MP to use and 76 skill points to learn.

Disco Stew[edit]

Style all over enemies with a disco dance that deals 185~235 damage. Costs 15 MP to use and 100 skill points to master.

Gold Rush[edit]

Damages the opponent by throwing a signed autograph. Costs 1000 gold pieces to use. Requires the 'Luminary's Lore' in a character's inventory to use. The damage range is 520~580 with a soil attribute, and does not require additional funds to damage multiple enemies.

Passive bonuses[edit]

Fully maximizing the Je Ne Sais Quoi skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • +10 Charm when 4 skill points are invested.
  • +20 Agility when 16 skill points are invested.
  • +20 HP when 32 skill points are invested.
  • +20 Charm when 55 skill points are invested.
  • +30 Charm when 82 skill points are invested.