List of weapons in Dragon Quest Builders 2

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Name Damage Created in:
Cypress Stick 8 Anvil, Worn-Out Workbench, Builder´s Workbench
Stone Sword 18 Anvil
Barbed Blade 28 Anvil
Poison Needle 20 Anvil
Copper Sword 40 Anvil
Iron Broadsword 50 Anvil
Dragonsbane 52 Anvil
Falcon Blade 42 Anvil
Steel Broadsword 64 Anvil
Fire Blade 74 Wizard´s Workbench
Moutaincleaver 82 Anvil
Aurora Blade ?? Anvil
Sword of Kings 86 Anvil
Thunderbolt Blade 96 Wizard´s Workbench
War Banner 2 Builder´s Workbench