Queen Curtana

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Dragon Quest Swords
Masked queen.png
Japanese name 女王ヒルダ
Romaji Joō Hiruda
Title Queen
Class Minor character
Race Human
Voice actor Kotono Mitsuishi (Japanese)
Emma Fielding (English)

Queen Curtana (女王ヒルダ, Joō Hiruda) is a minor character in Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors, the sovereign of Avalonia.

Some time prior to the beginning of the game, she was among the party responsible for the defeat of Xiphos the Deathbringer, using the Rorrim Mask to bring about his downfall. Like everyone else, Curtana believe Xiphos to be dead, but was among the first to realise, years later, that he was still around and amassing power once again. Determining that Xiphos used the Mask to survive, she dons it in hopes that this will contain his encroachments.

Unfortunately, instead Xiphos takes the opportunity to gain control over Curtana's body. Her servants and advisors notice changes in her behaviour and her constant wearing of the strange mask, but nobody understands why. She hides herself from the public eye, retreating to her private cabin in Galantyne Glades.

Her son Prince Anlace becomes particularly concerned, and even commissions the Hero to help him learn what ails her. The pair locates her but is forced to hide as she ups and changes location. Eventually, the growing party chases Curtana to the top of the Tower of Mirrors, where, after defeating Großmesser, the Hero slices the Rorrim Mask clean off the Queen's face, freeing her from Xiphos's influence.

Curtana remains in her throne room for the remainder of the game. When the Hero finally kills Xiphos, she and the others throw him a party.

In keeping with the Dragon Quest Swords quirk of all characters being named after a type of sword, a curtana is a short ceremonial sword.


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