Slumber Rumbaa

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Sending a single foe off to slumberland, Slumber Rambaa is the Shepherd's equivalent to Kasnooze.


Dragon Quest VII[edit]

In the original PSX version of VII, Slumber Rambaa is a hybrid skill learned after mastering the Dancer and Shepherd vocations. Unfortunately, it does absolutely nothing.

In the 3DS version however, the skill is a single-target version of Kasnooze that costs 0 MP to cast. Superior to other sleep-inducing spells and abilities, its success rate uses a table of 100%, 100%, 75%, 0% instead of the 100%, 85%, 50%, 0% reserved for other status ailments in the game.


  • A rumba is a Latin-American style of folk dance and Baa is the onomatopoeia for a sheep's cry