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Why was this made separate from golem?[edit]

I mean, this thing basically IS a golem. It looks like a golem, it's colored like a golem, it acts like a golem, it drops a golem heart, not a golemuga heart. I'm unaware of the actual reasons, but I'm pretty sure localization at the time was just being absentminded with what they were doing. Heck, that's pretty much Dragon Quest VII's localization as a whole. So why separate this? --PantheonSasuke 02:27, October 4, 2010 (UTC)

It is true. The sprite is the same. And although the golem fought at the beginning of the game is weaker than the golemuga and the golemuga drops a golem heart, the difference is in the transliteration from Japanese into English. (In DQVII, many bosses share the same sprite with regular enemies, case in point Harmour which was originally EvilArmor is the sprite for Falroider, Brigand, and I think one of the Arena fights). If memory serves me correctly, the Japanese name is super golem or something to that effect.(This I have to find a source for). The Dragon Warrior VII game, unlike Dragon Quest VII (the Japanese version), has several errors in translation and typesetting (Case in point Gracos with some ring hanging from his glaive. I have to check my sources. If it turns out that it was originally golem, I'll merge it back. Which means I've got to dust off the ps1 and the dqvii disc.--Shinitenshi 04:12, October 4, 2010 (UTC)