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Skeleton soldiers and sekerletons?[edit]

While renaming the original Dragon Quest monster sprite pages, I figured that the brownish skeletons were the soldier variant whilst the reddish ones were the ones with the goofy name in the DS remake of IV. Normally this guess wouldn't be hard for the NES titles, but the designers at the time made the AMAZING decision to actually REDO a monster's sprite instead of just copying it from an older game, so its tougher to figure out than it probably should be (that, and I think the brown skeletons are just called skeletons in DS IV, though that might be accountable to the lack of ones in blue garb... I think).

So yeah... I was under the impression that wraith knights were sekerletons (and that normal wraiths from the first game had since become the soldiers). This is mostly all opinion, though, since I have no real evidence to back it up other than color similarities, and recent games have shown that coloring isn't always the deciding factor in which monster is which. Any thoughts on the matter, yo? --PantheonSasuke 22:33, May 19, 2010 (UTC)