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Quest #159 - "Have You Seen Charlene?"
Location Wormwood Creek, Mayor's house
Availability After downloading from DQVC.
Requested by Wormwood Creek Mayor
Fulfilled to Wormwood Creek Mayor
Item Required Sleeping hibiscus, Celestial skein.
Reward 3 Mini medals
Detail The mayor's daughter Charlene has gone missing. He doesn't think she would have wandered too far away.
Hint for solution Head to the springs area northeast of Wormwood Creek to find Charlene. Bring 5 Sleeping hibiscus and 2 Celestial skeins to her so she can make a bouquet. She will then run home and you will have a brief conversation with the ghost of a little girl. You can buy the Sleeping hibiscus in Bloomingdale & use alchemy for the Celestial skein.
Repeatable No
Date Released January 14, 2011