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This is a template for skills as they appear in Dragon Quest of the Stars, with their maxed values. For appearances in other games, please use the corresponding enemy template. For the appropriate type / rank and skill icons, see the gallery below.


Gigasword (ギガソード Gigasoodo)Dragon Quest of the Stars English logo.png
Ability information
Type & Rank Target CT Restriction
DQotS Purple A.png Single Enemy 20s DQotS Sword.png
480% potency Zap-type attack. 20% chance to lower Zap resistance.
How to obtain
Zenithian Sword, Zenithian Sword ★



The weapon icons should have a size of 40px to match the skill type icons, and the rank/type icons should be displayed at full size.


Gallery usage[edit]

DQotS Sword.png
DQotS Dagger.png
DQotS Staff.png
DQotS Spear.png
DQotS Axe.png
DQotS Club.png
DQotS Claws.png
DQotS Whip.png
DQotS Fan.png
DQotS Hammer.png
DQotS Boomerang.png
DQotS Bow.png

DQotS Red D.png
DQotS Red C.png
DQotS Red B.png
DQotS Red A.png
DQotS Red S.png
DQotS Purple D.png
DQotS Purple C.png
DQotS Purple B.png
DQotS Purple A.png
DQotS Purple S.png
DQotS Purple EX.png
DQotS Orange C.png
DQotS Orange B.png
DQotS Orange A.png
DQotS Orange S.png
DQotS Green D.png
DQotS Green C.png
DQotS Green B.png
DQotS Green A.png
DQotS Green S.png

DQotS Red Purple A.png
DQotS Red Purple S.png
DQotS Red Orange A.png
DQotS Red Orange S.png
DQotS Red Green A.png
DQotS Red Green S.png
DQotS Purple Orange A.png
DQotS Purple Orange S.png
DQotS Purple Green A.png
DQotS Orange Green A.png
DQotS Orange Green S.png
DQotS EX.png