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The Trikaceratops is a monster possessing a green shell and a red body, first introduced in Dragon Quest X, where it is the strongest of the "-ceratops" monsters.

The monster family this monster belongs to, initially added to Dragon Quest V, actually came from a scrapped monster design intended for Dragon Quest II, with the name of サウルスロード "Saurus Lord", which is a name that ended up being taken by one of the monsters added to DQV from this monster family (known in English as Terrorceratops). However, their coloring was different from the scrapped monster, and the same was true for the other two palette swapped monsters introduced in that game.

However, the monster this article describes, introduced in DQX, has the same colors and appearance as the unused design from DQII. In addition, its description in Dragon Quest X describes it is "a monster that existed on the world's surface since the far ancient past", while its Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 description says its "An ancient dragon that was reborn". Both of these descriptions are seen by some players as a meta hint at this monster's real world origins.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

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