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Your thoughts on a template for the original Monsters games[edit]

Thanks a million for helping out with the data for the monsters that appear in the original spin off, it's been a sore spot for the site for a long while and what you've done goes a long way to making the place that much more thorough. If I could have a moment of your time though, what would you like to see in a template for the first two Monsters games? I can use the TheCodingGamer's work as a foundation and go from there, and since you've helped out the most with that region of the series I think it's fair you get a word in on the situation.(Follower of Light (talk) 17:41, 29 April 2020 (EDT))

Do I just reply to this here? This is the first time I've been contacted on this site. I added the locations and in-game descriptions as I was playing. I saw there wasn't very much information there and added whatever I could as I played through the game and filled in the rest of the stat blocks from a strategy guide. There's also an intelligence stat that's not currently part of the template. Other than that, nothing sticks out to me. However, there were a number of abilities in the game for which I could not find the current translation, if any. I don't have a list handy at the moment, but any link I added that doesn't properly connect to an article means I don't know the current name of the ability. At some point, I will play Monsters 2 and probably equally contribute to that game. I'm working my way back through the whole series while current events have me out of work.

Template first draft is up, and sorry for taking so long. Since neither of the gbc games have been retranslated I decided to go with the ability names use din the game itself for conveniences sake. If you have any further suggestions for it like a color lay out or larger text just let me know I'll try to work it out, and moving the data you've written to this template should be as easy as copying and pasting. Will get 2's out soon, and I think the only difference is that the sequel has a water element. (Follower of Light (talk) 19:41, 13 May 2020 (EDT))
Not a necessary change, but the monsters in the first two monsters games don't drop gold. The "Gold" section of the template is unnecessary. I've been putting in the Intelligence stats for monsters as I've been adding their stat blocks from M2, so those should probably just show up if that template is updated, I would assume. I really don't know much about the templates. I just copied and pasted what I found already there, to be perfectly honest. The guides I'm working from list a number of spell/status resistances in both games listed in 2 as: Fire-based magic, Ice-based magic, Wind & Thunder-based magic, Magic Blocking or Theft spells, Agility & Defense-Lowering spells, Instant Knock-Out spells, Poison & Curse spells, Lose-a-Turn & Silencing Spells, Immobilization spells, and Water-based spells. 1 has the same categories except for the Water ones. The guides I have give them different names, but I don't think they're referenced by name anywhere in game. If you wanted to include those in the same way the main-game monster entries have resistances, I do have that information and could work on adding that to the stat blocks.
Whoops, forgot gold is found laying around like loose change in the games, thanks for pointing that out. I tried updating the old template to add the missing intelligence stat but it wouldn't materialize even after I purged the page history to force the new version on each instance it was being used. Sometimes its just easier to scrap a model and start anew. As for resistances, the prima guides are funny in that they mash a few different elements and ailments together into one bracket to save page space: there's 26 resistances in M1 and 27 for M2. I found this guide for resistances. (Follower of Light (talk) 18:29, 14 May 2020 (EDT))
Good to know. If I'd messed with the template, I would have ended up over-simplifying things. I notice you have the updated template on the Slime. It looks good. The games called the stats Attack, Defense, and Intelligence (ATK, DEF, and INT in the in-game stat screens) rather than Strength, Resilience and Wisdom. That's a minor thing, though. I could see using the modern stat names to keep it in line with other entries or using what was used in game. It looks good, and I'll definitely put in some time updating monsters to the new version. The one for M2, if you haven't already done it, could basically just be this with the extra resistance added in. I'm not thinking of anything else it needs off the top of my head.