Warrior's ring

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Warrior's ring
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Japanese せんしのゆびわ
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Found in Dragon Quest
Effect Unknown

The Warrior's ring (Originally Fighter's ring) is an item in Dragon Quest.


It is unclear what attributes the Fighter's ring has. It possibly increases the Hero's Attack, Agility, and/or prevents weaker monsters from attacking as often. Due to text limitations in the Game Boy Color remake of Dragon Quest, the Warrior's ring was renamed War ring. There is no description of this item in the manual.

It has been confirmed by codebreaking that the Fighter's ring is bugged in the NES Version and probably does nothing in Super Famicom and Game Boy Color remakes as well.

It can be sold for 15 gold coins.


The Warrior's ring can be found in the Craggy Cave.


Worn by a warrior who fought at Erdrick's side.[1]

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