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Status effects are a recurring element of the Dragon Quest series.

Status ailments damage, immobilize or otherwise debilitate a combatant. Almost every status ailment can be lifted with the help of a spell specific to that ailment. Many status ailments disappear immediately after a battle, while others can only be removed with a spell, a night at the inn or a visit to the church.

Some spells exist expressly to inflict status effects, and some weapons have a small chance of inflicting a status ailment after a successful hit. Occasionally, a special move may have a chance of causing a status effect. Some equipment bestows positive or negative status effects.

A number of these effects can be wiped out by Disruptive Wave or with a perfect panacea, if available.

List of recurring status effects[edit]

Negative Status Ailments[edit]

Image Name Effect Appears In Remains After Battle?
Confused The character may attacks their fellow party members or themselves. They might also do nothing at all. No
Cursed The character's statistics are set to 0 as a result of wearing cursed equipment. They can only remove the equipment by visiting a church. In some installments, it is caused by certain attacks. Dragon Quest II Yes
Dazzled The character is much more likely to miss with physical attacks; dropping accuracy to 38. No
Dead The character cannot act in any way until they are revived by a spell, item, or at the church. Yes
Envenomated The character takes damage after each round of the battle. Reduces HP by 16 of maximum per turn in Dragon Quest V. Starting with Dragon Quest VI this was reduced to 18 of maximum. Yes. The condition becomes Poisoned after battle ends.
Fizzled The character cannot cast spells until the the condition wears off, or the battle ends. No
Poisoned The character takes damage while traveling on the field. Originally, from Dragon Quest to Dragon Quest IV it was dealt every four steps. In Dragon Quest V and Dragon Quest VI it was increased to eight steps. Since Dragon Quest VII it has been down to every single step. Yes
Sapped The character's defence is decreased. No
Sleep The character cannot act until awoken by an attack, or until a random number of turns have passed. No
Stunned The character must waste a turn frozen in fear, rolling around laughing, knocked down, grinning after a Puff-Puff, etc. No

Positive Status Enhancements[edit]

Image Name Effect
Accelerated Agility is increased.
Bounce Reflects magic spells.
Buffed Defence is increased.
Dragon Morphed into a giant dragon.
Insulated Damage from fire- and ice-based attacks is decreased.
Kaclang Turned into invincible steel.
Oomph Attack power doubled.
Reverse Cycle Reflects breath attacks.
Veiled Magical attacks have no effect on the target from now on.