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In this video from Dragon Quest IX, the hero offers a prayer at the tree of Yggdrasil and sees a vision of Zenus and Celestria. This provides some insight into the backstory of Dragon Quest IX.

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Square Enix Turns DQVC Back On After Fan Outcry

After much outcry, Square Enix has turned the DQVC service back online for Dragon Quest IX as of 24 August 2013.

Square Enix Shuts Down DQVC Servers Without Warning

In late June 2013, Square Enix abruptly shut down the DQVC online servers for Dragon Quest IX without any prior notification to fans and users. Although many fans were expecting the service to be discontinued, most expected some sort of advanced warning from Square Enix or Nintendo prior to its discontinuation. Thanks to user ignasia for sharing this news.

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Square Enix and Nintendo Abandon Dragon Quest in North America

At the June 2013 E3 video games expo, no new Dragon Quest titles were featured or even mentioned. This seems to indicate that Square Enix and Nintendo are abandoning Dragon Quest in North America and Europe, based on the poor sales of Dragon Quest X on the Wii U in Japan. While it is possible that the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest VII might eventually be released worldwide, no titles are being identified as in development with a targeted western release. Due to mis-management and a poor decision in making Dragon Quest X an online-only, subscription game, North America and Europe are entering a second "dark age" for Dragon Quest similar to 1992-1999. This wiki will move into a mostly hibernation state due to lack of new available content. All of the momentum generated by the strong Dragon Quest IX sales in the summer of 2010 has been wasted by a Square Enix team that could not capitalize on its success in the larger western market.

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Dq9ds art 005.png
This image is artwork from Dragon Quest IX. It shows a depiction of the Quester's Rest inn in Stornway. This is a central location in the game as it is the hub for multiplayer, wi-fi, and exchanging party members. The image features several different classes of adventurers meeting one another.

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Account Creation Re-enabled

Automatic account creation has been turned on again. Hopefully this leads to more users and not to spam accounts like it did previously. Steps have been taken to try to prevent spam accounts from being created easily.

CAPTCHAs and Permissions Updated

Permissions and CAPTCHAs have been updated. If you have you have confirmed your email address, you should not have to fill out a captcha to complete an edit. Any issues should be reported to FlyingRagnar. These changes hope to keep out spam and welcome more editors to the wiki.

Dragon Quest Wiki Joins NIWA

The Dragon Quest Wiki has joined NIWA! Use the links below to visit our new partner wikis. This is the next step in promoting and growing the wiki to be the best resource for Dragon Quest content on the web!

New SEIWA Member

Dragon Quest Wiki is happy to welcome Strategy Wiki into SEIWA!

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