Dragon Quest of the Stars
DQotS Gaius Portrait.png
Japanese name ガイアス
Romaji Gaiasu
Title Questocrat
Race Human

Gaius is the grandfather of the Heroes of Dragon Quest of the Stars, and father of Atomos.


Gaius is an older muscular men. He has brown skin, white short hair, a moustache and beard. His eyes are blue-ish gray.

Gaius wears a simple blue armor and a red cloak.


Alongside Cyril, Gaius helps the player navigate through planet Brulia in the first Season of Dragon Quest of the Stars's story mode. Orial takes his role from Season 2 onward.

Gaius is an experienced adventurer, and holder of the title of Questocrat. He traveled across all of Brulia in his youth, and had romances with many women worldwide, including the Elf Queen. In the present time, he is currently trapped in the Moon and can only communicate with his grandchildren though the Questocrat's Chronicle, a magical book.


  • Players can get his armor and hair using a special Gaius Treasure Key. If his hair is used by a female character, the beard will not appear.
  • During the storyline against Marquis de León in Batracia, Gaius' previous gear is gifted to the party. His old gear is the basic warrior outfit from Dragon Quest IX and X.