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Dragon Quest of the Stars
Japanese name モガマル
Romaji Mogamaru
Race Squirril

Cyril is an ally to the Heroes of Dragon Quest of the Stars and one of the protagonists of the story.

"A...Acord alive!"

Appearance and Personality[edit]

Cyril is a pink and white Squirril (a race of biped human-like squirrels that among other things can talk). He has a white crescent moon mark on his belly. He wears a pair of aviator goggles on his forehead, a pink ascot, pink gloves.
Cyril is almost always accompanied by Gregooey, a very small slime that only he can understand.
Cyril is a very emotional Squirril, and a very expressive one too. Since his emotions are so exaggerated, he serves as the player's guide and navigator since he meets them at the start of the game, often talking on behalf of the whole party. Despite his humor and often irascible personality -specially when goose-chasing-, Cyril is as determined to stop the evil forces that threaten the world as the rest of the party.


Cyril and Gregooey meet an amnesic trio in a beach newby the Squirril Baazar, and shows them around the island. Since he is curious about a book the protagonists were carrying, he descides to stick around with them and guide them around Inish Isle. After opening the Questocrat's Chronicles, he decides to go on an adventure with the grandchildren of the Questocrat.
Later on, he meets Ferril, dark blue Squirril that seems to be causing chaos wherever the party goes. Cyril's story later on revolves around trying to understand Ferril and his motives.


  • Cyril and Gregooey are the only characters that never leave the party, not even in Seasons 2 or 3.
  • The players can obtain a variety of cosmetic items based on Cyril, including a Cyril Suit.