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Dragon Quest of the Stars
DQotS Madurage model.png
Japanese name ラデュラゲ
Romaji Radurage
Title Madurage the Executioner
Race Demon

Madurage is a villain in the first season of Dragon Quest of the Stars.


Madurage was sent to Brulia by the Space Government in order to stop the Squirrils from re-discovering their inter-planetary travel past. He enslaved the squirrils who knew of their ancestors and wiped the memories of all other squirrils. He forced Ferril to cause trouble to the Questocrat's grandchildren.

He made the moon-destroying ritual, and is ready to leave Brulia when he first meets the heroes. Madurage promised Ferril and the Peril tribe special permission to leave the planet with him once it was destroyed but he never intended to keep his word. Upon his defeat, the moon-destroying ritual is stopped, just in time before it exploded.

In combat[edit]

As the boss of Chapter 32: The Squirril Truth, Madurage specializes in dealing Zap-type damage with physical moves like Universal Will or Righteous Act, and Crack-type damage with Kacrack. He also likes inflicting Confusion and reducing the CT of the skills of his enemies. He can also remove all the debuffs on himself or the buffs on the party.

He is weak to Frizz, Bang and Fire Breath type attacks and resists Zap.