A Sorcerer's Confessions

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A Sorcerer's Confessions is a series of messages in Dragon Quest of the Stars left by the Supreme Sorcerer Titus relying information on himself and Griff. All of them are found in dungeons near the volcanos of Mahrad Continent.



"The Questocrat left the questing to Griff and I, and so we departed for the Lost Land. Legend holds that the Master of the Dark Star lies sealed within the Lost Land of Koalad. There is no telling when the Master of the Dark Star will return to this world. We discussed amongst ourselves what should be done if he were to ever come back to life. Our conclusion was that we would have to rely up the Questocrat's son Alomos and grandchildren to fight him. Herein I confess: I envy the Questocrat, blessed as he is with his family. Griff undoubtedly shares my envy. For Griff and I have both been alone in the world, with no offspring or partners whatsoever. We have no one with whom to share the sunrise."

—Tablet in the Lava Cave


"I cannot think of any man half as virtuous as Griff. He is a far cry from this stubborn, spiteful old man. Yet I know that the more virtuous the soul, the more deeper the darkness that lurks within. Griff's darkness takes the form of a terrible sorrow; his grief over the loss of his beloved daughter knows no depths. "

—Tablet in the Crimson Shrine


"Griff devotes himself tirelessly to the plight of others. Yet the recipients of Griff's kindness never lifted a finger for him in return. Nay, far worse than that-they fled and abandoned Griff's daughter to her fate set upon by monsters. I have chosen to turn my back on society. Not Griff though. Griff grows more virtous than ever, refusing to let his inner darkness see the light of day. Herein I confess: I fear the unthinkable. If Griff were to ever use the Lahdan elixir... His terrible darkness would consume him, body and soul."

—Tablet in Lavahill Cave


"Ever since Griff lost his daughter, he has chased after her shadow. So it was that Griff happened to rescue a young girl who had no recollection of her past. Her name is Paula, and she has become Griff's disciple. But-and herein I confess-his feelings on the matter are painfully apparent to me. Griff has never once regarded Paula as his disciple. As far as he is concered, Paula is his daughter reborn. Now Griff is no longer alone. He has found a family. He has found someone with whom to share the sunrise."

—Tablet in Lavapeak Temple