Innish Isle

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Innish Isle (マール島, Māru Shima) is the starter location in Dragon Quest of the Stars.

This island serves as the main gameplay tutorial for the game, showing players how to progress the story and complete dungeons. Harte, Sand & Aqua reach the island flying without direction after confronting Dothradeth with Atomos. Cyril finds the group unconscious in a beach south from The First Town, with a strange book -the Questocrat's Chronicle- in their possession.

The main point of interest is the Squirril's Bazaar which is located in The First Town, a town with a huge tree on the center where the bipedal squirrels reside and offer all kinds of services to the party: from a beauty saloon to redesign and rename the characters, to upgrading weapons, to crafting items, to alchemizing gear, and more. The Squirril Bazaar is the main hub for upgrading the player's gear, skills and items.

Another point of interest is the Stargazer's Temple, where the Questocrat's Chronicle will reveal it's secrets.

During some Dragon Quest V events, Bianca, Nera or Debora can populate The First Town and wear the gear the player lends them.

The game's casino, the Squirrel Station, is stationed above the Squirril Bazaar.