Hero (Dragon Quest of the Stars)

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Harte, Sand & Aqua
Dragon Quest of the Stars
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Japanese name アース, サンド & アクア
Romaji Aasu, Sando & Akua
Title Questocrat's grandchildren
Race Human
Family Atomos (Father)
Unnamed woman (Mother)
Gaius (Grandfather)

The grandchildren of the Questocrat are the protagonist and playable characters from Dragon Quest of the Stars.


They are total blank slates, being fully customizable, everything about them can be modified: gender, face, hair, hair color, eye color, skin tone, name, vocation, equipment. Their aspect, gender and name can be customized at any time in the Saloon, while their vocation and equipment can be changed freely on the home menu.

NPCs almost always only talk to and about the main hero, often ignoring the sibilings. While the player can sometimes answer questions, it's Cyril who usually speaks for the party.

  • Harte, the main hero, by default is a white haired boy with green eyes. In the flashback battle against Dothradeth, he is a Warrior.
  • Aqua, his sister, starts as a blonde girl with light blue eyes. In the flashback, she is a Mage.
  • Sand, their brother, starts as a brunette boy with brown eyes. In the flashback, he is a Martial Artist.

Though they don't have much personality, it's easy to read them as brave and strong given their actions.


Prior to the game starting, they fought the Darkstar Lord alongside their father, to an unknown result.

They wake up in Innish Isle amnesic and with only the Questocrat's Chronicles on their possession. Soon enough, with the help of Cyril they uncover the mystery of the book: it can be used to communicate with their grandfather, who inspires them to go on an adventure.

In Batraccia, they meet the Elf Queen, who the Marquis de Leon wants to kidnap and marry. The Marquis de Leon was once defeated by Gaius many years ago, only to have been revived by Ferril.

Eventually, the group learns more about Dothradeth, the Brotherhood, and the Space Government and bravely put a stop to the threat over Brulia. By defeating the Darkstar Lord for good, they are rightfully given the title of Questocrats, like their grandfather before them.