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Cyril, the most famous squirril.

Squirril (モモンガ momonga) is a race in Dragon Quest of the Stars.


The members of this race are bipedal squirrels, roughly the size of a human. They have fur all over their body, most prominently on their ears, sides of their head and on their tail. Squirrils have a chubby belly with a white moon-shaped mark on it. They have white arms and legs, while the rest of their body has another color. Cyril, for instance, has a pink body. Squirrils have toe beans.

Most of them wear gloves and a piece of cloth covering their head and neck. Some individuals also wear some kind of unique headwear, like Sherril's scarf.


The ancient squirrils were a race of nomad travellers before they settled down in Innish Isle in the Lahdan era. Many yeas after settling down, some squirrils began having doubts about their own origins, questioning what their true homeland was. Due to those unnerving doubts, the Squirril society was split. The group who would one day become the Peril tribe left the forest in order to seek their true origins.

The Peril tribe eventually discovered that the ancient lahdans traveled to Brullia from the moon, however interplanetary travel is forbidden by the Astral Will, and so is having that knowledge. Madurage gave them a choice: join the Brotherhood or face extinction. They joined, as they didn't want to their species to end like that. After joining the Brotherhood, the Peril squirrils to become prisoners and the Innish Isle squirrils had their memories of the Peril tribe erased. Upon Madurage's defeat, they are freed.


Ancient Ladhans[edit]

An ancient tribe of Squirrils that used to live on the moon. They had very advanced technology, being able to create advanced robots and more. They moved from the moon to Brulia for unknown reasons.

Innish Isle Tribe[edit]

They live in the Squirril Forest on Innish Isle, which also serves as the main hub of the game for preparing the party.

The squirrils from this tribe have colored fur, usually one color per individual, and usually wear clothes of a similar shade to their own.

In the past they used to be in the same group as the Peril tribe, but they split. Their memory was erased by the magic powers of Madurage the Executioner, an agent of the Space Government. Any memory of their brethren was wiped.

Peril Tribe[edit]

The Peril tribe lives in the Peril Forest in the Savalua region. The members of this tribe have darkened fur, caused by the intense sun in their new home, and usually wear black outfits.

During their captivity, they barely survived thanks to the food Ferril could scrounge up for them.

Notable Squirrils[edit]

  • Cyril (denizen of the Squirril Forest)
  • Ferril (member of the Peril tribe)
  • Sherril (member of the Peril tribe)
  • Merril, the squirril in charge of the Squirrel Station, the casino.


  • Sherril mentions the memory erasure happened about two centuries ago, with Cyril and Ferril being childhood friends. This implies that squirrils can live for various centuries.