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In the Dragon Quest games, many enemies such as Dragons and Demons have breath weapons. These skills typically use the fire and ice elements, but beginning with the ninth game darkness and light exhalations have been added to the series and further elements have been added since. Regardless of which element is used, breath skills target all party members.

Breath skills are not limited solely to monsters, however; certain vocations and Munchie's various cheeses produce duplicate effects, and some characters can even learn these skills naturally.

Lists of breath attacks[edit]

Ailment-inducing breath[edit]

Status ailment breath skills are not affected by Insulatle due to their nature, but can be repelled with Backdraft and Reverse Cycle.








Countering bad breath[edit]

The Reverse Cycle and Backdraft abilities can reflect breath attacks back at their source, and Gobstopper can shut an enemy's trap outright for 4~6 turns. Insulate and Insulatle will halt halitosis by a large degree.

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