Galeforce Breath

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Galeforce Breath is a breath attack that appears exclusively in Dragon Quest Tact. It emits a howling blast of wind that slices enemies apart and is a Woosh-type counterpart to Inferno and Freezing Blizzard.


Galeforce Breath can be learned by Black Dragon at level 24 and costs 57 MP to use. It inflicts moderate Woosh-type breath damage to any enemies in a straight line of three squares in front of the user.

Galeforce Breath (烈風の息 Reppū no iki)Tactlogo.png
Ability information
Galeforce Breath
Role * Type * Element MP cost
Attack Breath DQTact Woosh.png 57
Range Additional effects
DQT SkillRangeStraight3.png
Straight line
Deals moderate Woosh-tpe breath damage to all enemies in area of effect
Naturally learnt by
Black dragon

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