Air Pollution

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Air Pollution is a recurring skill in the Dragon Quest series. It exhales a hazardous mist that inflicts various debilitating effects on the entire party.


Dragon Quest IX[edit]

Air Pollution is an enemy-only skill that reduces the entire party's Attack & Magical might by one stage, lasts for 6~9 turns, and can be stacked. It is used by Master moosifers, Nimzo at level 57~99, and by Zoma at level 33~99.

Dragon Quest X[edit]

Air Pollution now has the ability to bedazzle characters as well, on top of its weakening effects. Rangers are able to learn Air Pollution by investing 130 skill points into their Ruggedness skill.

Dragon Quest XI[edit]

Air Pollution returns to being an enemy-only skill that can be used by Dark gryphons, Dread dragooners, the Headless horseman and its variants, Silhouettes, and Nelgelas.

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