Prickly Wilds

The Prickly Wilds are the second area in the Rimuldar region. The introductory section is a palmtree filled plain that rises into hills in the south and western reaches, but the coastline seen in the further south is what gives the area it's name. This section is filled with tingleweed, the incredibly dangerous flowers that cause paralysis upon contact. Numbness is a recurring theme of this area, with the killerpillar doing their best to infect the Builder.


This is the first region of Rimuldar where the player can encounter healthy palm trees and, thus, wood. This lush jungle contains many dangers such as paralyzing plants and monsters, or confusing scarewolves.

Sidequests & Points of interestEdit

Getting the fishing rodEdit

Following Nosh's quest to the second Q mark below the mid line of the map, there is a ruined fishing hub is where a friendly bodkin archer spends his time fishing. His hut is damaged, but if it is restored he will teach the Builder how to create a rod of their own and how to cast like a master.

World mapEdit

A little bit to the east from the fishing hut, following the river, an earthen tower can be seen. There is a chest containing the world map in the top of the tower.

Protected roomEdit

When going towards the fishing hub from the teleportal, players might notice a brick room with a locked key. Upon returning to this place after learning how to produce keys in later parts of the Rimuldar chapter, players can obtain a pair of featherfall footwear, an accssory that nulls fall damage.

Challenge: Fix the roof of the ruinsEdit

Deep inside the mountains to the west of the blue teleportal, there is a ruined mansion with a broken roof. There is a note on the top of the mansion asking for someone to fix the roof with the materials in a chest nearby. Filling the holes with the appropriate roof parts will award the player with the recipes to make roof tiles on their own.

Challenge: Thalamus's quizzEdit

This is the second part of this challenge. It is located north from the ruined mansion, west from the blue teleportal. The challenge in this region is extremely simple: players just need to plant a palm seedling in the exposed earth block to solve it. The two chests in the front contain gold and a blue block.

Bodkin archer's housesEdit

There are three wooden towers in the jungle that serve as homes for paralyzed friendly bodkin archers. Aiding them with tingle tablets and they will reward the builders with gold, a seed of life and x50 thowing stones.

Bewarewolf's templeEdit

In the western-most side of the island players can find an temple with two evil idols at the entrace. Some friendly bewerewolves and a tearwolf reside in it. Talking with the leader -the tearwolf-, will allow the player to learn how to make defuddle drops, which help cure confusion. If the player returns to the tearwolf after making some defuddle drops in an herbalist's cauldron -unlocked a bit later in this chapter's story-, he will award the builders with a ring of clarity, which prevents confusion if equipped.

There is a gold ring on the top of the temple.


List of available materials in Prickly Wilds.

Raw materials
Broken branch
Fibrous frond
Medicinal leaf
Palm seedling
Plumberry seedling
Pongsettia leaf
Pumice pieces
White petals

Raw materials requiring a shovel
Cotton plant
Fibrous fern
Medicinal shrub

Building materials and decorations
Palm lumber
Plumberry lumber


List of monsters who live in the wilds.

Image Name HP Attack Defense Drop 1 Drop 2
  Bewarewolf (Small) 27-66 15-20 0-12  
  Brownie (Small) 30 14 4  
  Brownie (Large) 38 16 6  
Leather sack
  Chimaera 19 12 0  
Chimaera feather
Monster egg
  Drackolyte 24 11 0  
Tingleweed bud
Limegrass seed
(Night only)
56 22 8  
Chimaera feather
Monster egg
(Night only)
30 12 0  
Chimaera feather
Monster egg
  Hammerhood 28-84 13-26 0-10  
  Killerpillar (Small) 26 10 4  
  Killerpillar (Large) 32 17 8  
Tingleweed bud
  Metal slime 5 10 255  
Silvery sludge
  Rocky Box Slime (Small) 26 10 4  
Mossy earth
  Rocky Box Slime (Large) 32 13 8  
Window (x1-3)
  Rocky Box Slime (Small) 27 10 4  
Small stones
  Rocky Box Slime (Large) 32 12 8  
Big rock
  Scarewolf 40 14 7  
Confusing claw
  She-Slime 16 8 0  
Orange oil
Daffodaisy bud


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