Astraea Xeylon

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Astraea Xeylon
Dragon Quest of the Stars
Astraea Xeylon Closeup.jpg
Japanese name ゼイアン
Romaji Zeian
Title Emperor
Race Stargod

Xeylon (ゼイアン Zeian; also known as Emperor Xeylon and Astraea Xeylon) is a stargod from Dragon Quest of the Stars. He first appeared during the celebrations for the game's third anniversary in the Japanese version, and for it's first anniversary in the Global version.


Stargods are a powerful race of warriors from outer space who have access to very high-end technlology such as laser cannons. Xeylon traveled to planet Brulia to destroy it, but the might of the new Questocrats made him reconsider and postpone his plans.

Xeylon has two appearences: Emperor Xeylon, a giant ice blue golem-like figure with bright green crystals all over his body; and his true form: Astraea Xeylon, a floating blue humanoid man with green crystal hair, and bright yellow eyes with orange sclera. His Astraea incarnation wears light blue tight, futuristic armor with black, silver and bright green accents, and can use all the gear introduced alongside him: Stargod's cannon (bow), whip, staff, and shield. In both his forms, Xeylon is proficient with Zap and Crack attacks.

He is directly related to the awakening phenomenon. The blue and green crystals on its body speed up himself and those around him, allowing him to grant power to his allies, and to pressure the heroes with his "speedup world" technique which increases the battle speed to trice the normal pacing for the remaining of the combat.

Xeylon is the only stargod who appeared in the global version of the game, while in the Japanese version two more stargods appeared: Eliza and Iris. Each of them is represented by a different color. Xeylon is blue, Eliza is red, and Iris is yellow. All stargods have blue skin and teal hair.