Beast Tamer

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Beast Tamer is a skill that deals incredible damage to members of the beast family. Despite what the name may imply, it does not raise the likelihood of the target joining the player's party.

It is similar to the Cattle Prod skill seen in the mainline games, but is in fact the older of the two skills and remains reserved for the Monsters spinoffs.


Dragon Quest Monsters[edit]

Called BeastCut in this game, this ability can be learned by various monsters. It requires the monster to be at least Level 12, with at least 62 HP, 68 Strength, and 72 Agility. It is naturally learned by the FloraJay, GiantWorm, LizardMan, MadKnight and SlimeNite.

Dragon Quest Monsters 2[edit]

BeastCut now requires 62 Agility to learn. It is no longer naturally learned by the CancerMan, LizardMan.

Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince[edit]

Beast Tamer returns to the series after a nearly 22 year absence. It costs 4 MP and bashes beasts for double damage, with all other types of monsters taking a reduced 60% damage. It is learned through the Crag Afficionado, Dragonheart, Freezer Burner, Pest Controller, and Stony Slasher talents.

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