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Dragon Quest Monsters 1·2, fully titled Dragon Quest Monsters 1·2: Hoshi Furi no Yusha to Bokujo no Nakama-tachi (ドラゴンクエストモンスターズ1・2 星降りの勇者と牧場の仲間たち, translated as Dragon Quest Monsters 1·2: The Stars-descended Hero and the Ranch Companions) is a compilation and a remake of Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2.

The game was released in Japan on 30 May 2002 for the Sony PlayStation. It was the very last PlayStation game released by Enix prior to merging with Square.


Dragon Quest Monsters 1+2 collects the Game Boy Color games Dragon Warrior Monsters and Dragon Warrior Monsters 2 in a single CD. The games aren't simple ports. They are full remakes with new graphics and audio, as well as other improvements and additions.


The more relevant changes are the following:

  • The water monsters introduced in DQM2 have been added to the first game, along with the water skills and resistance flag.
  • The originally hidden monsters of each version, Ramia, Dimensional dragon and Kagebou, are available in all games.
  • A new combination pattern and the new hidden monster Zoma's devil was added.
  • Buff and debuff effects now wear off after a few turns.
  • Instead of using a Link Cable to compete against another player, this version allows the usage of different Memory Cards to read the data.
  • The Cell phone port of the games can link the PS1 Version by using a password system, which allows players to raise monsters in either version and transfer them to the other one.
  • Combinations of monsters are different from the originals, many of which are not available in the originals.
  • In Dragon Warrior Monsters, several special rooms in the original version no longer appear in the PS1 Version.
  • In Dragon Warrior Monsters 2, the keys that appeared after the ending no longer do so.
  • The music in some scenes has been changed and the game features new background music for castles, middle boss battles, and the final boss battle in Monsters 2.


  • DQMI&II is the only numbered Monsters game that has not appeared on Nintendo hardware.


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