List of enlightenment skills in Dragon Quest IX

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Enlightenment skills are learned via the Sage class.

Jack's Knack[edit]

Allows you to switch vocations on the field. Costs 3 MP to use and 10 skill points to learn.

Right as Rain[edit]

Applies a replenishing rain shower that restores HP for 7~9. The amount restored is calculated as (Recipient's LVL/2)+10. Costs 6 MP to use and 22 skill points to learn.

Disruptive Wave[edit]

Removes all status changes from enemies. Costs 10 MP to use and 42 skill points to learn.

Caster Sugar[edit]

Increases the users magical might & magical mending by 50% per cast, for 6~9 turns. Costs 8 MP to use and 68 skill points to learn.

Twocus Pocus[edit]

Enables a party members to cast the same spell twice per round. Costs 10 MP to use. Requires the 'Sage's Scripture' in a character's inventory to use. NOTE: the following spells will not be cast twice; Magic Burst, Kerplunk, Kamikaze, Zing, Kazing, Fullheal, and Omniheal.

Passive bonuses[edit]

Fully maximizing the Enlightenment skill tree will grant the following permanent bonuses for the character:

  • +20 Magical mending when 4 skill points are invested.
  • +20 Magical might when 16 skill points are invested.
  • +40 Magical mending when 32 skill points are invested.
  • +40 Magical might when 55 skill points are invested
  • +60 MP when 82 skill points are invested.
  • When a character reaches the pinnacle of wisdom, the MP cost of all spells cast by them will be reduced by 25%