Giddy gastropog

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The Giddy gastropog is an enemy featured in Dragon Quest IX.

Not only is the giddy gastropog a different color than the normal Gastropog, but it also appears to have an inebriated look in its eyes.

#109 - Giddy Gastropog
HP MP Experience Gold
90 15 580 100
Attack Defense Speed
104 140 50
Dropped Item Toad oil (common, 1/8)
Silver bracelets (rare, 1/64)
Locations Urdus Marshland
Pluvi Isle
Skills Defending Champion
Spells Fuddle
Family Bug
Bestiary # 109
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Strange snails that are fond of Fuddle. They're darned durable, and entirely untouchable when they shrink into their shells.

They have to watch their backs constantly, as gastropogs are always trying to pinch their slightly snazzier shells.

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