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The Gortress is a fortress located in the Gittish Empire in Dragon Quest IX. It is where the empire keeps various prisoners it has captured.

Collcetable Resources[edit]

Dragon Quest IX (DS)
Item Location
Recipe: "Walk Like a Tank: Heavy Armour and its Uses"
Ogre shield, Big boss shield
Mythril helm, Minotaur helm
Spiked armour
Sturdy gauntlets, Heavy gauntlets
Safer shoes, Safest shoes
Level 1 - Southwest corner bookshelf
Ultimate key Level 1, after defeated Goreham-Hogg


There is a blue spot in Gortress L2 that restore the party for free, but only accessible after the Shield Field are turned off.


Item Price Attributes
DQ9 AngelBell.png Angel bell 90 Cure confusion state
DQ9 MagicWater.png Magic water 500 Restore 30 MP
Note: The merchant will leave after Goreham-Hogg was defeated.

Location Attributes[edit]

   Save icon.png    This is a location where the game can be saved.

Note: The priest will leave after Goreham-Hogg was defeated.

   Zoom icon.png    This location can be reached using the Zoom spell.

   Cannot Zoom icon.png    The hero cannot zoom away from here.

Note: This restriction will lapse after Goreham-Hogg was defeated.


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