List of axe skills in Dragon Quest IX

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The following are Axe skills in Dragon Quest IX. Axe skills can be learned via Gladiator and Ranger classes.

Poplar Toppler[edit]

An attack that deals an extra 50% damage to plant monsters.


An attack that has a 13% chance to paralyze the enemy and deals an additional 30% base damage. It costs 2 MP to use.

Helm Splitter[edit]

An attack that may decrease the enemy's defence. The probability of this happening 50%, and is reduced or increased by the foe's vulnerability to Sap

Hatchet Man[edit]

Tries to deal a critical hit on the opponent, or misses entirely. Very popular against metal king slimes. Costs 8 MP to use, and has an accuracy of 50%.

Axes of Evil[edit]

Damages a group of enemies, though this iteration lacks the Woosh attribute it is usually associated with. Instead, damage is calculated in the same manner as Whips

Whopper Chop[edit]

Lunges at enemy with a catastrophic axe swing that deals between 180~220 base damage. This technique is Strength dependent, and will reach a maximum range of 460~500 when the user's strength reaches 600. This move is essentially an on-command a critical hit, and requires the Advanced Axecraft in the character's inventory to use. Unfortunately, it will not work on metal slimes.

Omnivocational Axemaster[edit]

Enables the character to use axes with any vocation.