List of whip skills in Dragon Quest IX

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The following are Whip skills in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies.

Whip skills can be learned via Minstrel, Mage, and Luminary classes.


A loopy lash that will Confuse an enemy 13% of the time it is used. Costs 3 MP to use and 3 skill points to master.

Lashings of Love[edit]

An attack that deals 50% more damage to Humanoids.

Trammel Lash[edit]

An attack that can Paralyse the target 13% of the time. Costs 3 MP to use and 22 skill points to learn.

Hit the Hay[edit]

An attack that may put enemies to sleep 13% of the time. Costs 3 MP to use and 42 skill points to learn.


Heals the user's own wounds by 1/4th of the damage dealt. Damage against groups of enemies does not decrease with each foe struck. This technique requires 5 mp to use and 76 skill points to learn.

Twin Dragon Lash[edit]

Hits a random enemy twice for an extra 20% damage. Costs 10 MP to use and 88 skill points to master.

Serpent's Bite[edit]

Adds the Soil-element to an otherwise normal whip attack that strikes a group twice. Requires the 'Working with Whips' in the character's inventory to use.

Omnivocational Whipmaster[edit]

Enables the character to use whips with any vocation.