Roots of Ygg

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The roots of Ygg is a dungeon located underneath the sacred tree Yggdrasil in Gröndal in Dragon Quest VII.


In order to cure the people of Gröndal from being poisoned, the elf girl who lives at Ygg tasks the party with venturing underneath the tree itself to the waterways which are connected to the town's well and using the Dew of Life to purify the well water. She warns them that the roots have been infested with monsters and that the Demon King's minions might be poisoning the water supply. As the party reaches into the depths, they come across a Well wisher surrounded by a group of lesser demons who are in the process of splashing unholy water into the water supply. The well wisher realizes what the party is trying to do and attacks them. After defeating the monster, they are able to use the Dew of Life cleanse the poisoned water supply. The dew is able to bring the people of Gröndal to their senses.


Outside the Dungeon[edit]



Outside the Dungeon[edit]

Inside the Dungeon[edit]