Scarlet fever

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A Scarlet fever is a grotto enemy that resemble a red version of the Ragin' Contagion boss. Three also appear in Brigadoom during a quest available from the DQVC.

#242 - Scarlet Fever
HP MP Experience Gold
743 28 5600 115
Attack Defense Speed
429 478 319
Dropped Item Lava lump (common, 1/16)
Fire blade (1/128)
Locations Grotto
Brigadoom (quest-only)
Skills Blazing Fire breath
Burning Breath
Attacks twice per round
Family Elemental
Bestiary # 242
Game Dragon Quest IX
Console DS
Description Rivers run dry, animals die, and the grass and trees are burnt to cinders when the scarlet fever walks the land.

These hellfire-exhaling horrors are born when souls that cannot rest are engulfed in evil auras. None can rest while they live.

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