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The Shop template is used to display shop information for various locations in Dragon Quest games. This template covers all types of shops (items, tools, weapons, armor).


In almost all cases, using this template should be preceded by a heading describing the shop type on the article it is being transcluded onto (i.e.==Item Shops==). This is because there is no label marking the table as a specific type of shop within this template. This is consistent with other location templates.


A header call to this template should be the first usage of this template on any page.

  • header: A required parameter which marks this as the start of a shop table.
  • includeClasses: An optional parameter marking whether this shop table should include a column for character classes. This applies when the shop has equipment which can be equipped by 1 or more characters. It should be used in association with entries that include the 'classes' parameter (see below). This parameter must be the 2nd passed parameter if it is included.
  • collapsed: An optional parameter marking whether this table should be collapsed by default. Omitting it leaves the table uncollapsed.
  • title: The title to be used for this subtable. Most often this is the game this shop represents. Should be an interwiki link when applicable.
  • subtitle: An optional parameter. The subtitle to be used for this subtable. Often the console version of the game.


Each entry in the shop table is represented by a single template call. Note that the list of entries for a shop should follow the ordering of the list in-game. Also, the names of items should also be the ones used in-game, meaning they will often be redirect links.

{{Shop|entry|item=[[Steel broadsword]]|price=4g per person}}
  • entry: A required parameter which marks this as a single shop table entry.
  • item: The name of the item. Should be an interwiki link.
  • price: The price of the item. Should include units of currency.
  • attributes: Attributes describing the item.
  • classes: Inter-wiki links to classes/characters that can equip this item. This field should only be used in shop tables whose header uses 'includeClasses'.


Notes may be added to the end of the shop table when applicable.

{{Shop|note|includeClasses|note=This shop is accessible only with the [[Magic Key]]}}
  • note: A required parameter marking this as a note in the shop table.
  • includeClasses: An optional parameter. Should be included if the 'header' has the 'includeClasses' parameter. Otherwise, it should be omitted. Used to ensure table colspans are set correctly.
  • text: A required parameter. The actual text to display. Can include interwiki links.


The footer call marks the end of the shop table.

  • footer: A required parameter marking the template as the footer.



Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen (DS)
Item Price Attributes Vocations
Steel broadsword 1500 Attack +15 Warrior
Cloak of evasion 2800 Defense +10 Warrior
Iron helmet 2200 Defense +12 Sage
Staff of sentencing 1300 Attack +7 Mage
Note: This shop is only open at night.

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (DS)
Item Price Attributes
Cautery sword ? Attack +20
Fire blade 8600 Attack +1
Note: This shop's prices change throughout the game.


{{Shop|entry|item=[[Steel broadsword]]|price=1500|attributes=Attack +15|classes=[[Warrior]]}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Cloak of evasion]]|price=2800|attributes=Defense +10|classes=[[Warrior]]<br/>[[Priest]]}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Iron helmet]]|price=2200|attributes=Defense +12|classes=[[Sage]]}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Staff of sentencing]]|price=1300|attributes=Attack +7||classes=[[Mage]]}}
{{Shop|note|includeClasses|text=This shop is only open at night.}}

{{Shop|entry|item=[[Cautery sword]]|price=?|attributes=Attack +20}}
{{Shop|entry|item=[[Fire blade]]|price=8600|attributes=Attack +1}}
{{Shop|note|text=This shop's prices change throughout the game.}}