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Hello Eco, and welcome to Dragon Quest Wiki! We're glad to have you here, and we hope you'll stay and contribute. Make sure you check out the community portal for general information about editing.

Note that you cannot upload any images until you have confirmed your email address! You should receive the email confirmation shortly after registering. Enjoy your time at Dragon Quest Wiki. - The Dragon Quest Wiki Staff

-- DragonQuestWiki (talk) 14:19, 28 May 2016 (CDT)


Do me a big favor, and italicize the word "Monsters" in "a recurrent monster in the Monsters subseries" for your entries. This is just for uniformity on the wiki. It would save me a lot of work, thanks! - icysugarspike (talk) 09:17, 5 July 2016 (CDT)

Of course! Sorry if it is a bother to you. Eco (talk) 09:33, 5 July 2016 (CDT)
Sorry I bothered you. You're doing great! - icysugarspike (talk) 15:09, 5 July 2016 (CDT)
Don't worry! And thank you *wink wink* hahahaha Eco (talk) 18:18, 5 July 2016 (CDT)

Working hard[edit]

There are so many images I'd like to upload before I either forget or don't feel like doing that I'm working this hard. I'm also a stickler for spelling errors (no offense to you or anyone else) that I'm compelled to correct. I also just got back from vacationing in Lake George for a week, so I'm raring to go! Hope I'm not bothering anybody with my busybody-ness. I'm a DQ freak (these days it's all I play), and so much of the series is documented in art. Don't worry about my health (other than mentally, lol) - really, I'm okay. Thanks. - 08:47, 14 August 2016 (CDT)

Also, I recently lost everything on my computer...fortunately, I had stuff backed up on an external hard drive. So, another reason for uploading tons of images. If the images are on this wiki, they will never be lost again. - icysugarspike (talk) 08:50, 14 August 2016 (CDT)
Well, knowing that you had some vacations really comforts me a bit. Then, I'll continue adding the plot of DQX. It's so big I'm starting to think that we will need to have a separate page for it... (Eco (talk) 10:10, 14 August 2016 (CDT))
You seem to know a lot more about X than me. I've got some artwork that needs identifying. How would you be able to see them without me uploading them and calling them something stupid like "dwarf who looks like British soldier from the American Revolution" ? Perhaps, I'll just upload them and then we can rename the files? - icysugarspike (talk) 11:06, 14 August 2016 (CDT)
Yeah, I've been seeing videos from it since it launched in Japan and I even played it the days it was free and I did incredibly well, a lot of grinding and Idk how but I had to end because they were asking for money and I said no... And also, this guy in Youtube, Heorotlinea is actually having a let's play from that game so I'm still used to it. And trust me, in some points the storyline is better than DQV, DQVI and DQVIII. Heck, did you read my resume of the offline storyline and its extended campaign? The plot is so touching even in the prologue of the game! (Eco (talk) 18:00, 14 August 2016 (CDT))

Please help[edit]

At first, I thought perhaps this was Rubiss, but she is in human form in this game, is she not? The image in question. They are being terrorized (?) by some water goddess? Help, please! - icysugarspike (talk) 10:55, 18 August 2016 (CDT)