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I need closure with Dragon Quest Wiki. Here's my closure. Most of this is not serious.

Reasons why I don't like Dragon Quest[edit]

  1. It's anime
  2. It's anime
  3. It's anime
  4. It's anime
  5. It's anime
  6. It's anime
  7. It's anime
  8. It's anime
  9. It's anime
  10. It's anime
  11. It's anime
  12. It's anime
  13. It's hentai
  14. It's just nothing special at all.
  15. Final Fantasy is better. This wiki likes Enix, I dislike Square.
  16. NO PLATFORMER TITLES (at least Chocobo Tales is somewhat of a platformer)

Reasons why I'm the best of the west[edit]

Even though a Discord creep banned me here indefinitely out of prejudice, I will still list reasons why I'm king and he isn't. Now if any of you think I'm desperate for attention, think again, because this is to remind myself that I'm perfectly proud of the person I already am. While this would qualify as passive-aggressive keyboard warrior action, all of this still holds up as true. Some of these can be refuted but at least the weak reasoning has its ground.

  1. I have worked on doing major improvements to over 10 wikis within a year and a half. This guy only works on dumb Dragon Quest and yet thinks he has the right to say independent wikis are better. NO!
  2. I have strict conservative values when I run wikis. No jerks allowed, period.
  3. I strictly ban anime and JRPGs on wikis I run, even if it's Final Fantasy Wiki. (that is, the 2D games, the GBA games, WonderSwan Color, and probably PS1 games)
  4. I don't say Donkey Kong Country 2 is my favorite game but then throw dumdum stuff like Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger on the same list.
  5. I grew up in the 2000s, not the overrated 90s (1999 was the only decent year of the 1990s).
  6. I say that Game Boy Advance remakes are better than NES/SNES originals but still enjoy both. He's a poser for only liking 90s video games & RPGs after the 90s. Gross as fuck.
  7. I have an Epson Perfection V600 scanner for taking native BMP scans.
  8. I can help with high quality asset photos.
  9. I have better grammar and article formatting style than any person here. Being a platformer fan has benefits.
  10. I love America but dislike Japan & most of Asia (except South Korea because they're Christians). Japanese Christians are cool too.
  11. Unlike him, I do not have a young anime girl for a Discord avatar.
  12. I'm nice to everyone except the haters.
  13. I've only edited 2 weeks and notice there's a section stub template. This guy edits here since 2012 and adds multiple article stub tags.
  14. I suggested he was promoted. He treats me like shit. This means he was mean first.
  15. I listen to loooads of nu metal rather than video game music (unless I'm playing a video game, making it inevitable).
  16. I stand up for Christianity, even in my darkest of moments.
  17. I watched the "It's Awesome to Be Me" video from Diary of a Wimpy Kid film. This means it is awesome to be me!
  18. I absolutely abhor Fandom, more than him.
  19. I'm made from scratch & not an anime carbon-copy cutout who does sketchy things behind others' back.
  20. He accused me of being a stalker, a creep, and a furry. None are true. In fact, he throws those words at me because he knows he's burdened with so much fail & needs to cover up for the shame of his Discord avatar.
  21. I don't type "varies, see article" in an infobox.
  22. I don't waste hours of my life on RPGs. Even Final Fantasy is "meh", but still better than Dragon Quest.
  23. He is retarded enough to think that Donkey Kong 64 is the longest game ever. What a dumb nut, Final Fantasy VII takes over 50 HOURS to complete. DK64 -- I completed in 25-30 hours. I consider this blasphemy to the highest extent of video game law. He is not a real gamer.
  24. He's a cuck. He once admitted I made a smart choice with basing Final Fantasy Wiki's design on the consistent logos made by Yoshitaka Amano. He also once said an article I did "looks pretty good".
  25. He will block you from DM's and not explain why.
  26. I know a bad wiki when I see a bad wiki. This wiki is bad because it didn't have Monobook for several years.
  27. I make sure even smaller game franchises from WESTERN DEVELOPERS get their own wikis.
  28. He can't face me like a grown man despite having a /v/ meme on his userpage.
  29. Uses poor excuses for psychologically tormenting me by trying to play on others' good side to attack me.
  30. I have way more friends than him (over 100). Only one mutual friend on Discord.
  31. I got Grifkuba tons of ad revenue money. I dont even like the people there but I just use their services for me & others' benefit.
  32. I don't like Shigeru Miyamoto because of how he cheated 2nd & 3rd party studios like Argonaut Games and Rareware.
  33. I use old & outdated memes when the timing fits.
  34. I agree when Miyazaki said, "Anime was a mistake". SpongeBob is a good animated show if you want something to watch. If you want real anime, click here.
  35. My favorite YouTube video is Stop sending me traps. This will help you work hard to make as many things western-friendly as possible.
  36. Contrary to popular belief, I know Rare created Mario but Miyamoto stole the idea from them. Now to finish it off...
  37. I am not a depressed, loser creep with almost no friends. I have parents who love me, a pet cat, several video game consoles, at least three computers, high speed internet, the list goes on.

Also sadly, tacopill is the one mutual friend with Follower of Light. I'll probably de-friend tacopill someday for having a bad friends list. It's simply too unclean. Prob only still has me as friend because of the advantage he can get from my wiki work... Otherwise he's a real friend & only sucks for having Follower of Light as a friend.

Okay, so most is about me. I don't know much about Follower of Light aside from being a person who just sucks for several reasons listed above. I'm not crazy, I'm just upset. But since I know who I am, I will one day overcome this challenge. :)

Oh, and America, don't forget to vote red this election season. Limp Bizkit (talk) 18:54, 1 June 2020 (EDT)