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Dragon Quest Wiki

Welcome to Dragon Quest Wiki!

The online game guide encyclopedia about the Dragon Quest series that anyone can edit!

Warning: This wiki contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.

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Hello, and welcome to the Dragon Quest Wiki! All visitors are welcomed to make contributions to the wiki. However, to create pages or upload images, you will need to create an account.
Dragon Quest Wiki launched in October of 2010 with the goal of becoming one of the largest Dragon Quest resources on the net.

We are currently editing 3,677 articles, and have had 82,822 contributions from users like you.

Games in the Series

  1. Dragon Quest

  2. Dragon Quest II

  3. Dragon Quest III

  4. Dragon Quest IV

  5. Dragon Quest V

  6. Dragon Quest VI

  7. Dragon Quest VII

  8. Dragon Quest VIII

  9. Dragon Quest IX

  10. Dragon Quest X

  11. Dragon Quest XI

DRAGON QUEST VIII - Western Release - January 20th, 2017

Dragon Quest News

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Did you know?

SEIWA is a network of independent wikis focusing on various Square Enix franchises.