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The Equipment of Erdrick is a set of powerful and crucially important items from the original three Dragon Quest games.


Dragon Quest[edit]

Armour of Erdrick[edit]

The most powerful armour in the seminal game by far, it is located in the ruined town of Damdara and guarded by a nasty knight. When equipped it adds +28 to the player's defence, reduces magic and breath damage by 33%, nullify the toxicity of bogs, and will restore 1 HP for every step taken.

Sword of Erdrick[edit]

The legendary blade is found in Charlock castle, off of the path to the Dragonlord. Equipping it grants the player +40 attack, a substantial boost from the Flame Sword's +28. Certain third-party documentation claims that the sword is the only weapon that can cut the despot's scales, but this is completely false. That being said, it is strongly advised to acquire the blade to make the confrontation much easier.

Helmet and Shield[edit]

These two items are not present in the original Dragon Quest, presumably because the shield was left in Torland instead of Alefgard, as well as the fact that there are no helmets in the game at all anyway.

Dragon Quest II[edit]

Armour of Erdrick[edit]

The mail is found in the third floor of the chasm leading to Rendarak, in the bottom-rightmost section of the floor near a set of stairs. Donning it grants +70 defence this time, along with the expected 33% reduction to breath and magic and harsh terrain immunity. It may be equipped only by the Prince of Midenhall.

Helmet of Erdrick[edit]

The helmet is gained by exchanging the Emblem of Erdrick in the shrine southwest of Tantegel Castle. It grants the Prince of Midenhall +20 defence.

Shield of Erdrick[edit]

Erdrick's shield is found in the castle of Cannock, watched over by an old sage in the center of the building's pond. The Golden Key is required to enter the tiny islet. Once obtained, the shield will boost Midenhall's defence by +30.

Sword of Erdrick[edit]

The sword is once again found in Charlock castle, left there by the previous hero. Unlike the Armour, no one has attempted to restore the sword to it's original glory, and adds +40 attack as before.

The sword can only be equipped by the Prince of Midenhall in the NES, while the Prince of Cannock can also equip the sword in the SF and all ports of the remake after.

Dragon Quest III[edit]

Auroral Armour[edit]

Found in the Tower West of Kol, the radiant suit of mail will add +85 (+75 in the original) to the hero's defence, as well as the extra protection granted in the previous titles.

Ortega's Helmet[edit]

When the player reaches the town of Muor, they will witness a cutscene of a young boy mistaking the hero for their father. After speaking with the villagers and learning of boy's attachment to Oretga, as well as the man's affect on the town as a whole, they can speak with the boy to receive the memento he left behind. In the SF version, the helmet will add +30 defence, but offer no protection against debilitative magic. In the GBC, however, the helmet will reduce the chance of being afflicted by snooze, dazzle, and sap by 50%. This aspect was removed in the subsequent mobile phone release.

The helmet doesn't exist in the NES version. In it's place is a novelty item called the water blaster.

Hero's Shield[edit]

The shield is located in the Nail Mark north by northwest of Tangegel castle. When equipped, it will boost the hero's defence by +65, and reduce magic/breath damage by 33%. When both the shield and armour are equipped, the shield's reduction properties will take effect after the armour's.

Sword of Kings[edit]

Legendary long before the events of Dragon Quest III, it is said that it took Zoma three years to sunder the blade in twain. Because of this, the player must first locate a piece of Orichalcum and a smith of godly skill in order to restore the weapon. Once restored, the Sword of Kings will boost the hero's attack by +120, and will deafen a group of enemies with an earth-shaking thunderclap when used as an item in battle.

Sacred Amulet[edit]

Given to the hero by Rubiss, this accessory will grant +30 luck, and complete immunity to instant death and kamikazee

Dragon Quest VIII[edit]

Whoever preordered the 3DS version of the game in Japan obtained the code to download Erdrick's sword.

Dragon Quest IX[edit]