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Erdrick's Sword alongside his Helmet and shield.

Erdrick's sword (Also Loto's sword or Sword of Erdrick) is a powerful sword featured in the first three games in the Dragon Quest series that once belonged to the legendary hero, Loto (Erdrick).


[edit] Appearances

[edit] Dragon Quest

In Dragon Quest, Erdrick's sword was the most powerful sword. It was hidden in Charlock Castle.

[edit] Finding Erdrick's sword

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Erdrick's sword is the most difficult item in the game to get. It's located deep in the bowels of Charlock Castle. To get it, go into Charlock Castle and walk directly behind the throne and search. A staircase will appear. Go down the stairs to the next floor. Follow the path to the only staircase on that floor. On the next floor do the same thing. There is only one staircase that you can reach. The next floor is more complicated. Start by going to the right as far as you can, then go down and take the first right. When you can't go right any further, go up until you can't go up any further. Now go left until you can't go left any further. Then go down and take the last staircase. At the next floor, work your way to the bottom right hand corner. Now go up until you see a passageway. Do not go down this one. Instead, go left for two steps and then down along the other side of that wall. You will see a staircase going up. Follow the path until you reach another staircase, as there is only one on this path. Go down the stairs and you will easily see the next staircase to take. On this floor there is only one staircase, but the path is longer. When you go down the next staircase, you will see a treasure chest. Erdrick's sword is contained within!

[edit] Dragon Quest II

In Dragon Quest II, Erdrick's sword was known as Sword of Erdrick and it was once again located within Charlock Castle. Unlike Dragon Quest however, the Sword of Erdrick was not the most powerful weapon in the game.

[edit] Dragon Quest IX

 Erdrick's sword
Attack +158
Buy Price 0
Sell Price 0
Flavor text A well-known weapon once wielded by a legendary lionheart.
Notes The rusty sword must be refurbished through alchemy.

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