Galumph (vocation)


The Galumph is an advanced monster vocation available in Dragon Quest VII.


The Galumph is a grotesque and pudgy flying creature that can breathe out blasts of ice-cold air. This vocation offers sharp boosts to Strength and Max HP, a slight increase in Resilience, but moderate drops in other categories and a severe drop in Style.

Mastering the vocation will grant a weak resistance to breath attacks, rock/strike skills, Sap, and Drain Magic. It will also grant a stronger resistance to all other status ailments.


In order to become a Galumph, a character must first master both the Rashaverak and Seasaur vocations. A Gigalumph heart can also be obtained by fighting the monster in the Ballymolloy, L'Arca, or Providence regions after the Demon King's resurrection.

  • In the Nintendo 3DS version, it is also possible to acquire a Gigalumph heart by creating a custom Traveller's Tablet with a Gigalumph as the boss.

Dragon Quest VIIEdit

Stat ChangesEdit

Statistics Change
Battles to Master 280
Strength +30%
Agility -10%
Resilience +5%
Wisdom -10%
Style -30%
Max HP +20%
Max MP -10%
Mastery Bonus +20 Bonus to Strength


Level Title
Learns Battles Needed Target Info MP
1 Plodder
Nothing 0
2 Lumberer
Focus Strength 21 Self Takes one turn. Next turn, physical attacks do double damage 0
3 Great Lump
Venom Mist 42 One Group Severely poisons one group of enemies. Poisoned enemies lose 1/6th of their remaining HP. 0
4 Hulking Great Thing
Nothing 65
5 Massive Mass
Freezing Blizzard 110 All Enemies Causes ~130 HP in ice damage to all enemies 0
6 Enormous Object
Nothing 153
7 Meat Mountain
Kazap 200 One Group Causes ~200 HP in electric damage to one group of enemies 15
8 Jowly Giant
Scorch/C-c-cold breath 280 All Enemies Causes ~160/210 HP in fire/ice damage to all enemies 0


  • The name of the accolade for Rank 7 in the Sony PlayStation version, Caliban, is the name of a character from William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. He is the son of the witch Sycorax and is described as a feral, misshapen creature.
  • Mastering the vocation is the only way to learn C-c-cold Breath in either version of the game. In the Nintendo 3DS version, becoming a Gigalumph is the only way to permanently learn the Kazap spell.
  • Due to a naming error in the Nintendo 3DS version, the vocation is named after the weaker Galumph monster despite being clearly based on the Gigalumph instead. This also occurs with the boss version of the monster faced at the top of Highendreigh Tower. Oddly enough, the monster heart is still named the Gigalumph heart.